uhhuh Anime Boys Had Me Crying

My name is Janet. I'm 17 :>

I'm a huge nerd....its no secret. Reading, drawing sleeping and eating are my things. I only watch t.v religiously when these shows are on:
-Steven Universe
-Adventure Time
-Teen Wolf
- Franklin and Bash
...i think there may be three
I Like:
-Kingdom Hearts
-Final Fantasy
-Watching movies
- Homestuck
How Gay am I?...... Gay enough

Enjoy my blog :>


Rin: imconfused, whats he doing? is he flying is he sliding?
Rin: taking baby tap dance steps

so i made this and its all rin’s fault

watCHA! CHA! HA! *tappa tappa*

ok i’m almost sorry about making this but also not


Don’t you love when you, by no choice of your own, start to have an emotional breakdown and your father yells at you for being a drama queen that just wants to make a scene


Some Pearl doodles. Today was not a good day for drawing.


David Beckham and his sons get GOLD slimed after he accepts the 2014 KCS GOLDEN blimp!


I made a really quick postcard to give out to any Sherlock nerds I meet at SDCC~ I’m not selling anything anywhere, I’m just going as a regular attendee, so you probably will not be able to find me haha; I’ll be going to SherlockeDCC on Thursday night for a little while (not the whole time) so that’s probs your best shot. If you see me just ask me for one, things don’t have to get awkward lol~ If you don’t know what I look like then IT JUST MAKES THE GAME MORE FUN I GUESS


PS THIS PRINT SHOP OVERNIGHTPRINTS IS PRETTY LEGIT I ordered these Sunday night and they arrived today, which is a rad turnaround time for custom printed stuff, v impressed


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You make my heart bloom, kind anons. Thank you

I see. I just shouldn’t be so loud.


'what do you want for your birthday?'



youre gonna look so godamn cool


Art Work by Jama Jurabaev


people were doing screencap redraws of dmmd episode 3 so i wanted to try too!! but„ a bit more seriously i guess =v= (though its still doodly)

i am glad we at least were given an anime but at the same time… it is nice that they will be redoing the first 3 episodes haha

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